#6 – Champion mode

38822013_2188710221143706_4240754517982838784_oWe are in full European Championship mode, and in this episode we talk to event coordinator Dinko Šimenc who is in full steam to get everything done before the biggest tournament in Europe this year. Jørn Idar and Dean gives their pick for winners, as well as discuss what to expect. Dean talks about his biggest win so far in his career, with the W at the EuroTour Creeksea Classic. While Jørn Idar talks about his experience at the Norwegian Championship, with a sprained ankel.
But wait – there is more!
We discuss the three final PDGA Europe events:

  • – EuroTour Creeksea Classic
  • – EuroProTour Skellefteå Open
  • – EuroProTour The Open at Ale
  • – The PDGA Major Konopiste Open
  • – Dean talks with Paul Sterk and Jelte Visser, two Trilogy Challenge TD`s in Netherland, and about all the small details in a tournament.
  • – Dinko gives his hotel TD tip
  • – In «Something Silly» Dean introduce a new idea to the segment.
  • – We have launched a Patreon!

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