Dedication to the sport with Janne Hirsimäki from Team Dynamic Discs

Some people are more dedicated than other, and the drive and that X-factor. Janne Hirsimäki is one of those people, something he proved during the first Finnish pro tour of 2018 when he tied for first.33898777_2075217165826346_7724853072492494848_nThis dad of three are dedicated to become one of the best disc golfers in Finland, working hard with a true professional attitude. He shares his history into the sport, his mentality into the sport and how to play it and what it takes to become one of the best. Some great advice both to new and established disc golfers, players with ambition, parents and just life enjoyers in general Make sure you hit subscribe to hear more about awesome stories like this here at The Perfect Flight, and find us on Facebook and on ThePerfectFlightDG.com


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