Episode 3 – Get ready – the season have started

A MEGA EPISODE! The May episode of The Perfect Flight is one of epic proportions, with some awesome content as the season is really underway. We got an interview with Rene Treier after two impressive showings in the EuroTours, dominating Advanced. Dean also had a longer talk with Tony Ferro, the Swiss disc golf pro sponsored by Innova Discs. He talks about a new season with a new bag, combining disc golf and dadhood and much more.


  • The May addition of The Perfect Flight with your hosts Jørn Idar Kvig and Dean Schaub.
  • The EuroTour AND EuroProTour have started, and take a look at the season start.
  • We talked with Rene Treier, who killed it in both Dutch Open and Bluebell Woods Open in Advance.
  • Tony Ferro is the highest rated Swiss disc golfer, and a dad of two. Dean can relate to being a disc golfer and a dad, and get a good conversation with the Team Innova player.
  • TD Tip – how to get awesome volunteers.
  • Something silly – embarrassing moments on the course.

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