Bonuspodcast – Re/Max Open and uDisc Live

In this bonusepisode we have a good and interesting talk with Harri Blankenstein from Bogey Free Productions and Re/Max Open, as well as Matt Krueger from uDisc.collageHarri is one of the organizers of the 2018 EuroProTour opener Re/Max Open, a tournament with big ambitions and dreams on not only being a great tournament, but also to grow the sport.

They have teamed up with disc golf scoreapp and well know live score provider uDisc / uDisc Live, to give audience a unique and valuable live experience for this tournament. Matt Krueger from uDisc also talks about their way of working with numbers, and he gives a unique look into their side of disc golf.

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Available on your favorite podcast supplier, or directly in your browser with this link – https://www.buzzsprout.com/147160/677142-re-max-open-brings-udisc-live-to-europe


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