#2 – The season starter with Seppo Paju

On this episode of The Perfect Flight, we start to get the feeling that the season is beginning. Over the pond the big tours have started, teams are being finalized and we got the two time Finnish champion Seppo Paju with us. He and his family have become partners of Prodigy, he is hitting it up in the US, and look forward to the European Champions.Seppo Paju The Perfect Flight

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A big thank you to the episode sponsor Natural Born Disc Golfer, a disc golf movement aiming to grow the sport. Make sure to check them out on social media.

Shownotes: –

  • Second episode of The Perfect Flight DG, with your host Jørn Idar Kvig and co-host Dean Schaub.
  • The Danish Disc Golf Championship is canceled, how could that happen?
  • We talk The Memorial Championship that our previous guest, Simon Lizotte won.
  • Open de Espana 2018 is the seasonstarter in Europe, with some serious names on top.
  • Latitude 64 are increasing their team, with several ambassadors joining them.
  • Swedish manufactor Kastaplast also announce new teammembers, and continue to work smart.
  • Interview with Seppo Paju, who talkes about his families investment in Prodigy, new discs, his goals for 2018 and more!
  • TD Tips – this time we go in depth in fundraising to tournaments.
  • We talk about some favorites.

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