#1 – Lift off with Simon Lizotte

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flying_circus_2017_header_dmnet_750-1.jpgIt`s lift off for The Perfect Flight DG, and we got a special first guest: Simon Lizotte.

He talks about a record 2017, focused goals for 2018, Star Wars and gives a free life advice.
European Championship, Konopiště Open, what to do as at TD in the off season and a GIVEAWAY is just some of things on the menu for Jørn Idar and Dean.

Big thank you to the episode sponsor Natural Born Disc Golfer, a disc golf movement aiming to grow the sport. Make sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram and http://www.nbdg.fi

# Welcome to the first episode of The Perfect Flight DG, with your host Jørn Idar Kvig and co-host Dean Schaub. Get to know us with some fun facts, like that one of us is a knight. Can you guess who.

# Estonian Disc Golf Awards – a great initiativ from a disc golf country in full bloom.
# European Championship 2018 – it was an upset when the EC was awarded to Croatia, but Dean assures that it will be a memory of a lifetime.
# Konopiste Open 2018 – a late PDGA announcement makes the premier Czech disc golf event a major, a great continuation after the pause of Disc Golf World Tour.

Interview with Simon Lizotte
Simon is with us from Switzerland, finishing up a 5 week training camp with G-Balance Disc Golf. He discusses a fantastic 2017, looks forward to 2018 and gives some thoughts on the development of the European disc golf scene.

TD tips
With a handfull of tournaments under their belt every year, Dean and Jørn Idar gives some valuable tips every show on how to work as a tournament director (TD). This time they go throught the important off season work, and how to use the time as efficient as possible.

Something silly
First episode and we want you to get to know the hosts a little better. Therefor we give you rapid fire Q&A, and the question is; will we hear the Dutch national song?

Make sure you listen to the whole show, to be able to win a brand new, supersexy disc grom L64 Customs!

Thank you for listening to The Perfect Flight, a monthly update to everything disc golf in Europe.
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