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Welcome to The Perfect Flight

The Perfect Flight DG is a podcast focusing on the European disc golf scene, hosted by Jørn Idar Kvig and Dean Schaub. Together they make an energic and knowledgable team, with experience both as players and as disc golf promoters. There will be a new episode available every first Monday of the month, covering everything from news and interviews, to tips and thoughts on disc golf.

The show is available on iTunes and Stitcher, make sure to subscribe. Also, we are on Facebook and Instagram, hope to see you there!

Jørn Idar KvigJørn Idar Kvig a.k.a. The Frisbeer Guy, is the host of The Perfect Flight.
He is a disc golfer and disc golf promoter, brewer and beer enthusiast. Located in Oslo, Norway, he is the TD of a handful of tournaments every year, as well as an writer for the biggest disc golf site in Norway; Frisbeegolf Norge.
He is always on the hunt for the perfect flight.

Dean SchaubDean Schaub is the Co-Host of The Perfect Flight. He is a primary school teacher and the founder of Disc Sport Amsterdam and The AMSterdam Challenge tournament in The Netherlands. Dean loves fairway drivers, a post-round beer, and travelling to play all over the world.

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